Past News

The deadline for feedback on the draft Tree Management Policy is this Friday!
Our suggestions following Monday’s meeting:

1. Vote NO in the Quick Poll.

2. Don’t take the survey, send an e-mail.

E-mail details:
Subject line: Consultation on the draft Public Tree Management Policy Change
Suggested text:
Dear Sir/Madam,
I elected not to take the survey because the draft Policy raises several issues that I am unable to respond to or address through the survey.
1. The survey design does not allow for appropriate feedback on substantive issues. It seeks yes or no responses to cosmetic changes to policy, for example moving and re-numbering existing clauses.
2. In particular, the proposed changes drastically reduce the scope and application of the policy.
3. To respond to the City’s Urban Forest Strategy, the Tree Management Policy provisions should apply to trees on public and private land, or a parallel Private Tree Management policy must be drafted and adopted simultaneously with a public Tree Management Policy.
Feel free to use the text as is or as inspiration. 😊