with climate change

trees are vital

Benefits of the Urban Forest

Climate Change

Trees have been shown to reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect by as much as 7 degrees Celsius, mostly by shading hard surfaces, but also through transpiration and evaporation.


Trees are a significant part of the unique character of our city and neighbourhoods. Eastern Park, Eastern Beach, Johnston Park, Queens Park and the Barwon River Reserves all depend on trees for their character.


Trees provide habitat for wildlife, assist rainwater retention and slow down storm-water flows.


We are a group of concerned residents of Greater Geelong committed to raise awareness and instigate action to support the preservation and expansion of the Greater Geelong Urban Forest.

We first got together in 2021 when we discovered that there are no protections in the Geelong Planning Scheme other than for Victorian indigenous trees. Nor are there general tree preservation laws for tree removal not related to planning applications. We are not advocating blanket preservation – we understand that the wrong tree in the wrong place can be a nuisance – but for a more considered management of tree planting and removal


Whether you’re curious about who we are, a particular campaign, or our policy positions, we’re here to answer questions.